15 Tips For Great Travels

Everybody knows traveling can be a bit of a headache. So we’ve put together a few tips to help you get through the process a bit easier.


To prevent yourself from becoming sick after a long flight, you may want to consider using a saline spray in your nose. This is proven to help fight any bacteria that may be dormant in the air. If you’re sick, it’s a great way to get a one up on the passengers beside you.


Before leaving for an overseas vacation, create a copy of your travel itinerary to leave with a family member or a friend. This ensures that someone else knows where you should be. It can also assist you if your luggage is lost, since you will have a domestic contact who can confirm your whereabouts.


Plan clothing for your trip so that everything can be worn together. This reduces the need to pack individual “outfits” and allows you to plan for the number of days you’ll be traveling. You don’t have to worry about which are clean when you’re doing laundry if all of your clothes match.


When you arrive at your hotel, especially if you have children, check for fire exit routes. Take a couple of minutes with your children to walk the route with them as a mock fire drill and help them prepare in case of an emergency. They will be understanding of this since they do this in school on a regular basis.



Be sure that the underthings and blouses you bring and wear can be washed in the sink and hung up or blow-dried if you are a woman traveling overnight on business. Missed luggage and/or connections can mean you arrive at a hotel late at night with only the clothes on your back to wear the next day. Lightweight wrinkle-free polyester or microfiber blouses and tops can be washed and hung up, and will be dry in the morning, as will all your lingerie.


Make sure you have the certificate verifying you have been vaccinated if you are required to have certain vaccinations in the country you are traveling to. If you don’t provide this documentation, you may not be able to enter a country. If you don’t have the proper paperwork, those who handle travelers will simply not be allowed to let you pass a certain point and at this stage you will be held for what could be days until they know for sure you are not a threat to spread an illness.


Check for information on the individual airports that you are going to be flying in or out of. They will provide you with some great traveling tips, car rental companies that operate out of the airport, and baggage information. It is one of the easiest ways to get the information that you need for smooth traveling.



Put Christmas bells on your suitcases and carry-on luggage, to alert you if someone tries to take them. Insert your foot through the strap or handle of your luggage when sitting in an airport lounge during a layover; especially if you plan on falling asleep (or not).


Make sure to have all medical information for yourself and your family on hand. You need to order medical alert bracelets if you do not own them already if any member of your family has special medical needs. These are the first thing medical professionals should look for and it also can give a point of contact in the event of separation.


Always make sure to book your flight as far in advance as possible. If you book a flight far enough in advance, you can pick your own seat.



When taking a road trip, naturally you’re going to pass things that look interesting that someone in the car may want to stop and see. You can decide how many each person gets, depending on how much time you have.


Get to the airport early to get a good seat choice (if this option is allowed). This also helps you to be seated next to people you are traveling with.


Before booking a trip, be sure to check whether a country requires a visa for entry. Different countries have different document needs and it can take some time to receive the proper ones. Please be aware that even with a visa in hand, it does not guarantee that you will be allowed to enter the country.


If you are planning to travel to a tropical destination, snorkeling is an adventure you don’t want to miss out on. Find out if your hotel offers snorkeling, and what adventures are available.


Break in your new shoes in advance if you’re going on a trip where you expect to be doing lots of walking. This will help and prevent blisters keep your feet from becoming sore. Good shoes can be the difference between the most enjoyable walking tour of your life, and a torture session.


I hope these tips help you on your journey through an exciting trip abroad! Come back to roadies bar for more great info on traveling the world. Take care.